Omnichannel Rescue or Replace

Unlock value and accelerate growth with a tailored strategy designed to equip you with a solution that works best for you.

Today, in the age of constant disruptions, companies have to evolve at a breakneck pace or risk being left behind. Organizations often look to IT solutions to spearhead this change and deliver better business outcomes. But the world of enterprise IT is complex with a myriad of factors and variables at play. When critical deployments don’t go favorably, organizations are left burdened with a resource-draining solution that fails to fulfill their requirements.

Whether it’s poor integration with your systems or real-world performance that is below par, navigating the post-deployment phase can be extremely challenging. That’s why we undertake rigorous analysis and formulate a plan of action to ensure the best fit for your enterprise. Rather than cope with inefficient solutions and high costs, we aim to rescue or replace service offerings to unlock a level of performance that meets all of your expectations. The right solutions help you accomplish more — not hold you back.


Free your enterprise from the mounting costs and complexity associated with running a platform that doesn’t create value.

Boost Operational

Clunky solutions that are ill-suited to your enterprise can bog down your operational capabilities and leave your resources stretched thin.


Achieve enterprise agility by empowering your employees with innovative solutions that work best for them.


Information Gathering

To gain a holistic view of all the factors at play, we discuss and understand your needs and the desired end result. We also collaborate with all the stakeholders to further understand enterprise expectations and vendor assurances at the time of procurement.


We evaluate the root cause of the unfavorable post-deployment performance and identify pain points that hinder optimal functioning. We then provide a comprehensive diagnosis and help form a plan of action to remedy the situation.


Based on our findings, we formulate a detailed roadmap in order to bridge the divide between your expectations, vendor deliverables and real-world performance. We collaborate with the provider throughout the ‘rescue’ process to deliver a fine-tuned solution that meets your requirements on all fronts.

Due to any reason, if the end result is not satisfactory, we proceed with the replacement process.


Information Gathering

If the rescue process fails to yield the desired outcome, we undertake an end-to-end service replacement process to equip you with a better fit. Our experts bring all the stakeholders together to decide upon and document the enterprise requirements and vendor deliverables.


With learnings from our ground-up analysis, we minimize potential hindrances and focus on delivering a seamless deployment. We also assess if your enterprise needs have shifted or if your use case requires different capabilities and adjust the procurement process to reflect the same.


We help collate and document shortcomings with the service and convey them to the vendor. Throughout this process, we try to minimize any early-termination penalties that you may face. We then help you move forward and evaluate different service offerings and providers. Our expertise and industry relationships let us acquire and deploy a solution that works best for your organization.