Learning & Development

Custom Content Design & Training Services

Accelerate and optimize your business operations with a range of content & training services that drive real growth.  What performance or experience are you looking to transform?

  • Custom Content Creation & Instructional Design Services
  • Re-Packaged Content for Your Brand (Extensive Library of Facilitator Led Content)
  • New Hire Training or Onboarding Curriculum
  • Complete Training Overhaul or Modernization

Facilitators, Workshops & Retreats

Web based modules can only go so far.   Our team of adult learning experts have decades of experience in facilitating learning for front line employees, all the way to the executive teams. 

  • Remote or Onsite Training Facilitation
  • Multi-Day Workshops & Bootcamps
  • Customized Retreats via Our Exclusive Lodging & Travel Partnerships

Training Curriculum, LMS & Assessments

Following a comprehensive, multi-tiered L&D strategy that entails scoping, analyzing and canvassing your business needs, we can assess or develop an approach that aligns closely with your learning requirements on all fronts.  In collaboration with some of the industry’s leading learning organizations, we help you optimize the best organizational development.

  • Hybrid Learning Platforms & User Adoption
  • Training Content Management & Best Practices
  • Employee Engagement Assessments
  • Leadership 360 Assessments
  • Micro-Learning & Ongoing Learning Program Creation

Leadership Coaching

Great leaders have a coach on the outside of the company who can offer sound, unbiased guidance based on actual experience.  Whether you’re a founder, manager or senior leader, we’ve got an expert that will listen (and even advise), when you need us.

  • Executive Mentor
  • Leadership Coach
  • Performance Accountability
  • Self-Awareness Solutions
  • Mentoring

AI Learning Strategy

Upskilling your teams AI knowledge is critical to organizational success.  Developing the right learning strategy to prepare tomorrows knowledge workers is not an easy task.

  • Organizational Structure Recommendations
  • Job Description Enhancements
  • Foundational AI Transformation / Maturity Assessment
  • Content & AI Certification Recommendations
  • AI Talent Acquisition & Retention
  • AI Readiness or Roadmapping

End-to-End Global Support

We become an extension to your training teams.  A fractional training department that picks up the pieces or projects that you lack resources for.  We are proud to offer:

  • Global Training Creation, for Any Continent, Varieties of Languages
  • People, Process or Technology Specific Training Needs
  • Full ROI Analytics Prior to or Following Training
  • Assessments to Measure Your Training & Development Success

Why us?

Performance Proven
High performing teams invest time & intention to transformational development. We'll assess your currrent state performance confidentially and co-create a shared path forward for results. At all levels.
End-to-End Partnership
With the digital revolution accelerating the pace of change, we help you design and implement a forward-looking performance strategy that best aligns with your business goals.
People, Process & Technology
The future of work as we know it is quickly changing. We've been in the shoes of our clients and are working with many of todays most innovative brands. Let us help validate or future proof your critical business functions.

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