About Us

Scoreboard Group was born out of a vision and need for businesses in 2015. There is a mass shortage of experts who can help companies redefine what’s possible, work with them to shape the future and also help them get there. What’s even more rare is a partner that is proactive, delivers what they promise to and tells you what you don’t already know.

As Customer Experience practitioners, it became our goal to deliver the same great experience to our customers that we’ve helped them build. We get excited to become an extension of your team, we have skin in the success of your efforts and we exist to add value, while helping your company & leaders win.

Our balanced leadership team brings decades of expertise in a variety of practices under the umbrella of performance: Technology, Operations, Strategy & Innovation. Values that are inherent in all of our team members and that we strive to model in all we do are our 5 D’s: Determination, Drive, Diversity, Delivery & Doing the Right Thing.